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5 Creative Ways To Use Your Boudoir Photos

So, you’ve gotten boudoir photos taken… NOW WHAT?? Hi there!! I'm Christy with Photography & Wall Stylings by Christy located in Kansas City, and today I'm going to share with you 5 fun and creative ways to use your boudoir photos!!

Boudoir photos Kansas City



Turning your boudoir photos into a photo book is probably the most common way people use their boudoir photos. They make great gift options for your wedding day, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s Day.

You can easily make your own form Shutterfly!

Boudoir Photos Kansas City


Making a calendar can be a fun alternative to the classic boudoir photo book. Also, making a calendar is easier than ever with all the different online photo processing sites.

They can be designed and sent to print in as little as 30 minutes (Or however long it takes you to choose the photos you want to use.)

Here are a few of my favorite sites to order photo projects from:

Boudoir photos Kansas City


Creating a slideshow can be a GREAT way to give your boudoir photos to your significant other. It gives the images a little more life by adding in some movement and a little music! You can do that for free right here.


The first 3 ideas were if you wanted to give your photos to someone else. But what if you wanted to give them to yourself!!

Creating a boudoir gallery wall in your bedroom could be the perfect gift to yourself! Sometimes, as women, we tend to be really hard on ourselves. We have a bad habit of focusing in the “flaws” of our bodies which ends up making everything else fall away in our minds.

Your boudoir gallery wall would be your everyday reminder of just how stunningly beautiful AND SEXY you really are!

Boudoir Gallery Wall Kansas City

If you would like to see more examples of boudoir gallery walls, take a look at this blog post! Boudoir Gallery Wall: Do You Dare?


I personally think boudoir photos make the cutest bathroom décor for your master bath! Think all black and white photos of sexy, bathtub shots pared with close-up detail shots of you applying lipstick. Now picture them in gorgeous frames hanging around your bathroom! ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING!!

I hope this list has helped you decide just what to do with your boudoir photos, and maybe even inspired you to use your photos in an untraditional way!


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