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The Braaten Family

I had the honor of going into the home of Grant and Tabitha Braaten to photograph their family. See last year, this family was pulled, stretched and tested in every way possible! They endured sickness after sickness, hospital room after hospital room, stolen holidays and precious firsts! Yet, through all the hardship 2017 brought them, here they are on the other side smiling! Here they are standing taller, stronger, and closer than ever before!

The Braaten Family

I am so blessed to be able to capture a few fleeting moments of this family's journey!

A few moments of laughter in their home to remind them of the continuous joy that abides there!

The Braaten Family

A few gentle kisses that signify a bond that no amount of sickness and hardship can break!

My goal here is to ensure that Tabitha will always have these precious memories to gaze on wherever she finds herself!

To the Braaten family:

Thank you for allowing me into your home, into the secret place of your family, and for allowing me to share a small part of your story! Your family is such an inspiration to me!

I wish you all the best!


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