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Boudoir Month


Those are probably just a few of the words that ran through your mind the instant you read the word BOUDOIR! Am I right?? 

I know that even the thought of having boudoir photos taken sent that negative little voice in your head into overdrive. You know the one! That voice that always tries to tell you, you're not quite good enough in some way. Well, I am here to help you silence that voice!

I want you to take comfort in knowing that I understand your concerns, I totally get your hang-ups, and I know how to take care of all that for you!!


See, my job as your photographer is to make sure you look your absolute best whether that's in your family portraits or in your lingerie!!

So, leave your hang-ups at the door, silence that little voice, and let me show you how stunningly beautiful you are!!!! (Also, wine helps. Wine helps A LOT!!)


All around the world, women are using boudoir photography as a celebration of themselves and their bodies!

My goal here is to make sure you leave your shoot KNOWING that you're BEAUTIFUL and absolutely WORTH CELEBRATING!!

I only open my calendar for boudoir sessions once a year, so don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate YOU!

What To Expect


First of all, we get together and chat about your vision for your portraits. Are you giving them as a gift? Are they just for you? Are you planning to make a photo album? Are you wanting to style a wall in your bedroom or bathroom with them?  (If you need a few ideas on what to do with your boudoir portraits click HERE!)
At this time, we will go over all policies and sign the portraiture contract. You will also have the opportunity to view and choose the portrait package that best fits your needs. 
Now, we just have to get you in the calendar! 
Once you've decided on a date, I will collect the booking fee ($110) plus 20% of your chosen portrait package and reserve our room for the shoot!!

(Click HERE to read more about the booking fee.) 


Now that your shoot is scheduled, you can expect several emails from me helping you prepare for the shoot. Things like what to wear, where to get your hair and makeup done, and how to beat the nerves! (The answer may or may not be wine!)

You can also expect to receive an appointment reminder with all the details of your shoot. 


The shoot itself will take place at The Fontaine downtown on the Plaza! Let me repeat that. AT THE FONTAINE ON THE PLAZA!!! Eeeeekk!! (You can check them out HERE if you like.)

I will arrive on site 30 minutes before our shoot time to set up the room and make sure everything is perfect and ready to go when you arrive.  
Take comfort in knowing that during your shoot I will be talking you through every detail! I'll tell you everything from how to sit or stand to where to place your hands and where to look.  
Also, I want you to feel absolutely pampered during your shoot, so you can expect a few refreshments! (This also may or may not be wine!)




Immediately after your shoot, we will schedule your viewing and ordering session!! 
Your viewing and ordering session is when you finally get to see all your gorgeous photographs and determine which are your favorites! 
At this time, you'll also get to choose which images to print and complete the purchase of your portrait package. 
(All physical products will be ordered by me 3-5 business days after your viewing and ordering session.)


Boudoir Packages

Boudoir Packages

Basic Boudoir


30-minute hotel-room photo shoot
4 Edited digital images


Classy Boudoir



1-hour hotel-room photo shoot 
5 small loose prints

(8x10's and smaller)
2 medium loose prints

(11x14's and smaller)
15 edited digital images

(approx. half of full gallery)


Bombshell Boudoir


3-hour hotel-room photo shoot
Hair and makeup 
12 loose prints

(any size up to 11x14)
1 8x8 album (12 pages)
Digital download of all edited images​

(approx. 30 images)


Shareable digital gallery and mobile app


To read more about how women are turning to boudoir photography as a form of self-acceptance

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