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Lets talk frames for a moment. Did you know the easiest way to spruce up your home is to change out your picture frames? Your frame choice is very important. Frames reflect your unique style, and can polish off the look and feel of the room by adding a sense of completeness and structure. Who knew a picture frame could do all of that?!

I have chosen to incorporate frames from The Organic Bloom and White House Custom Color into my photography packages because I want to bring you the very best in both quality and style!

Let's take a look at some of the frame options available!

The Organic Bloom:

Let me just start by telling you that I literally did a happy dance when I found these frames!! They are beyond gorgeous and add a bold statement of personality throughout your home!

There are 5 basic styles and 5 basic colors available in any size you need, all ready to ship! (More styles and colors available upon request)

Ready to ship style options include:

Audrey, Lewis, Lucy, Mary Ann, and Meg.

Available in Black, White, Parchment, Espresso, and Charcoal!

"Each frame is hand made and painted from scratch with the utmost care and creativity. We view every one of our products as a unique work of art and strive to provide nothing but the very best in quality."

- The Organic Bloom Family

I cannot tell you how much I love that frames made by The Organic Bloom company are 100% handcrafted works of art! I am ALL about quality products, and partnering with The Organic Bloom company in order to bring quality artwork to you is something I am very proud of!


White House Custom Color:

I love that White House Custom Color is a family owned and operated company. I feel like they just get it! They have built a company based on down home family values, and they always strive to go above and beyond what is expected of them!

They offer premier print and frame products, and I am so excited to be able to deliver their products to you!!

..."'Often First, Always Best' is our motto for developing new products and services. We constantly strive to be the first to bring great new products and services to our clients.

When we're not first, it's because what we have isn't good enough yet. You see, the only thing we want more than being first is giving you the best. Not just our best—the industry's best. It's a high standard, but we wouldn't have it any other way.'


I chose to work with WHCC because I know when I order prints and frames through them I am getting the the industry's BEST, and I want to deliver the industry's BEST to you!!

If you. like me, have fallen in LOVE with these products then click here to book your FREE consultation so we can get started on creating beautiful works of art for your home!

Looking for some wall inspiration? Take a look at these gallery walls!

XOXO ~ Christy

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