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Wall Stylings


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Wall stylings are perfectly curated gallery walls designed to highlight your family photos in a fun and trendy way!  

I wanted to create a service that allows you to decorate an entire wall from start to finish with the same effort it takes to have your family photos done!

Imagine being able to walk away from your photo shoot knowing that you simultaneously decorated your living room wall!! GAME CHANGER!!



Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever walked through that magical dreamland known as Hobby Lobby? From the moment you enter, you are completely surrounded by beauty as far as your eyes can see!!! With each step, you fall deeper and deeper into your dreamer state of mind. In an instant, your bestie Joanna is standing next to you giving you a beaming smile of approval on all things farmhouse and shiplap!!! The next thing you know you're standing in your living room with a giant picture of a cow, a galvanized metal windmill, a whole bag of cotton stems, and absolutely NO idea what to do with it all!!    

Well my friend, if that has ever happened to you then listen up buttercup because I'm about to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Imagine if you could see what that giant cow picture would actually look like hanging on your wall BEFORE you purchase it. Or know for a fact that the windmill will fit on the wall next to Betsy! (Your new favorite cow in the whole wide world!) Also, Imagine if you never again had to figure out if certain items go together or not!

That is what a wall styling can do for you!! I hand select items I think you'll adore then digitally arrange them alongside your family photos on the wall you want to style!!!!

Not sure if a certain item will clash with your wall color or your furniture? No worries! You get to see and tweak your wall BEFORE any items are ever even purchased!!! Also, you'll never have to worry about how to piece it all together again! I do all of that for you!

If that's got you thinking about a wall in your home that needs a little love and attention, then

CONTACT ME NOW so we can get started!


Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a fun and trendy way to showcase your personality and display glimpses into who you are as a family.  


"Enjoy the little things in life,for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault

Gallery Wall

The Experience 


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When your photography session is booked we will also schedule a pre-shoot consultation along with your viewing and ordering session.



The pre-shoot consultation will take place in your home. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific style and taste along with the space you wish to style. I will also walk you through and have you sign a photography/model release contract. Before we part ways, I will take a quick photo of the space we'll be styling, so I can digitally show you exactly how your gallery wall will look.



Your viewing and ordering session is where you will choose the images you love and pick a photography package that fits you best. I will also show you a couple of wall stylings for your space, and you will have the option to purchase and tweak the design if you choose.



If you choose to add a wall styling to your photography package, a styling fee will then be added to your package. You will then have access to a digital download of your favorite wall design! You can either use the design as a guide while you're out shopping, OR you can choose to purchase the exact items shown in your wall styling.

PLEASE NOTE: I use a variety of stores when digitally shopping for wall stylings along with some items that I make myself. Therefore, most of the items you will be able to purchase online during your viewing and ordering session. However, any custom, handmade items will take approximately 3 weeks to be crafted and delivered.

If you choose to shop my frames and home decor, you will be able to purchase them AT MY COST with the addition of tax and shipping! BONUS!! 


Once your products arrive they are inspected and hand-delivered straight to your door!



During your viewing and ordering session, you will have the option of adding installation of your gallery wall on to your photography package for a fee.

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Handcrafted Farmhouse Decor

All of my home decor is made to order specifically for you by me personally!

Click here to view my photography packages!

Wall Decor
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