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How to Get Your Bedroom Boudoir Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Hi there!! I'm Christy with Photography & Wall Stylings by Christy located in Kansas City, and today I'm going to share with you how to get your bedroom boudoir ready in just 3 easy steps! So, if you’re planning on taking some boudoir selfies for Valentine’s day this year then you might want to check this out!



Unless you have a solid white comforter or quilt, a set of basic white sheets will be the perfect backdrop for your boudoir photos. See, the goal here is to have as little distractions in the photo as possible.


Again, the idea here is to have zero distractions in the background, so clear everything off your bedside tables. Because let’s face it, you want all eyes on you for these photos!!

STEP #3: TURN OFF THE LIGHTS – Most of the time the overhead lights in our homes cast a yucky orange glow that you don't want showing up on your skin. To avoid that, just turn off the overhead lights and open the shades on your windows. This also means you should shoot during the day if at all possible.

However, if there just isn’t enough light coming through the windows then use a lamp if you absolutely need to.

**BONUS TOG TIP: Try to avoid using your camera's flash if at all possible. The flash on your camera will cast very harsh unflattering shadows on your body!

There you go!! Now your bedroom is boudoir ready!!

If you would like more tips on how to take a sexy boudoir selfie click here!

If you found these tips helpful, please feel free to share.


~ Christy

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