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Who is Mrs. Jones?

Hello there! My name is Christy Jones and I am a Kansas City family photographer!

I am also a lover of Netflix, burnt popcorn, any and all desserts, and my family!! :)

Being born in Arkansas my roots are southern, but I have lived in Kansas City for the majority of my life. However, I still cling to my southern, down-home values. I believe a kind smile and a pleasant attitude can change the world! (Or, at least someone's day!) I try with all my heart to look for the good and stay positive! I am a very passionate person. I pour myself wholeheartedly into all that I do. However, this makes multitasking a real problem for me! I am a deep feeler and extremely compassionate. I hate watching the news because it makes my cry! My deepest desire is to make people feel loved and accepted. I want every person I have the pleasure of meeting to walk away feeling loved and uplifted!

A little about my family:

I am married to the most loving, kindhearted, patient man in the world! Trust me, it takes a lot of patience to put up with my kind of crazy!! Between the 2 of us we have 3 incredibly AMAZING kids with ages ranging from 11-15 months! (Just when you think you're done, right?) We have 2 beautiful girls and 1 bouncing baby boy!! :) I met my husband online (insert gasp here!) in 2013, and we were married and joining families just 1 short year later. Our little family means the world to me! Trying and failing at family life once before has made me really appreciate and value the life I have now and the family we have forged together!

Redhead with a vision:

I started this business because I LOVE the art of photography and making people feel beautiful!! I am a creative thinker, and being able to create works of art for people's homes brings me great joy!! My goal is to capture and display life's most tender and meaningful moments! I want to be able to surround you with your life's most valuable and cherished possessions. YOUR FAMILY!

XOXO ~ Christy

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