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My camera LOVES your outfit

So, the big question that everyone asks is, "what do we wear for family pictures?" Well, before we get into all of that, let me just bust through a couple on misconceptions right off the bat.

Misconception #1. Everyone has to wear the same colors:

Yes, this was a thing in the past, but that just isn't the case anymore. Your photos will look more styled and cohesive if you wear different colors that compliment each other.

Misconception #2. Don't wear stripes!

You do NOT have to be afraid of stripes. Just keep these tips in mind and you can strut your stripes with the best of them!

Tip 1: You don't want to wear big, bold colored stripes! They will end up drawing the eyes of the viewer away from your face and right toward the stripes. So, soft subtle stripes are the way to go!

Tip 2: Try to avoid tiny pinstripes. I know I know!! I just said soft and subtle stripes were the way to go!!! Soft, subtle and spaced apart stripes are what you want!! Tiny pinstripes no! The reason is, tiny striped patterns can sometimes be hard for the camera to distinguish and they end up looking like weird wavy lines!!


Ok, now that we have that out of the way, lets talk styling!!!! I LOVE THIS PART!!!

Step 1 for styling your family's photoshoot is: PICK YOUR PALETTE!

I find the best place to start is with the colors! Just pick a color palette that you like and build from there. REMEMBER, everyone does not have to wear the same color. You are looking for colors that compliment each other! Having all the colors side-by-side in a palette will help you determine which colors complement each other and which ones completely reject each other.

Here are a couple of websites that will help you generate a color palette: Canva color palette generator or Coolors palette generator

If you don't want to try to generate your own color palette, you can always use Pinterest or Google to help you discover what colors work well together. For example, you can search “2017 spring color palettes” and you will find a TON of beautiful color palettes to work with. I have also put together a Pinterest board for you with some super cute color/outfit ideas. (You're welcome.) :)

View my Pinterest board here

Step 2: It’s all about MOM!

Mom, start with your outfit first! Your outfit is generally the hardest one to find, so start there and build everyone else’s around yours. Having the colors already picked out will be a HUGE help when you are shopping for your outfit. However, don’t be afraid to throw those colors out the window if you find an outfit that you absolutely love! You can create a whole new color palette based solely on YOUR outfit! (With the color sites linked above, you can upload a photo of your outfit and generate your own color palette.) And let’s face it, if we LOVE our new outfit and feel beautiful in it, that is what will shine through in the photographs!!! It is much easier to enjoy the moment when we feel beautiful! 😊 This is also a great time to pamper yourself a little. Go and get you hair and nails done! You will LOVE how you feel after, and you will be surprised what a cute manicure will add to your photos! (just keep that color palette in mind 😉)

Ok mom, here are a few tips for finding that perfect outfit:

Tip 1: Layers, my friend! Layers:

Layers and textures are always good! Layers add depth and intrigue to your outfit. Our eyes love to explore different textures and depths in a photograph.

(Layers also slim you! BONUS!!)

Tip 2: How to pattern:

Floral patterns are HUGE right now! They are fun and feminine, and can totally work with your family pictures, when done carefully. Look for small floral patterns as opposed to big bold flowers. Also, be mindful of who in your group will be wearing patterns. You don’t want too many bold patterns gathered together in a small group of people. The key here is subtlety! You can absolutely have stripes, polka-dots, and florals in your mix of outfits if they are light and subtle and in complementary colors. However, it is a good idea to have a few solids in the mix of the patterns. (And by solids, I don’t mean not to layer.)

Tip 3: Say YES to the dress!:

Dresses add a bit of elegance and softness to any photo! They are beautiful and feminine, and a dress will most certainly style up your photos!

Tip 4: Accessorize:

The right accessories will add the finishing touches to your outfit and pull your whole look together. However for photos, you once again should take the subtle approach. You want to avoid large bright chunky necklaces because they will draw the viewer's eyes away from your face. (Hey! Eyes up here buddy!)

Step 3: Dads rule!!:

We all love our husbies, i mean they really rock our socks, but lets face it, sometimes they really need our help when it comes to getting dressed! "I love you sweetie, but you cannot wear pajama jeans in our family photos!" (Actual conversation with my husband!)

The good thing is that Dads are relatively easy to shop for, but here are a couple of tips that you can use to ensure he is looking his best!

Tip 1: Get dressed up! I am not talking about a suit and tie, but nice jeans or khakis with a dinner jacket will be sure to impress! (Insert "Sharp dressed Man" by ZZ Top here!!)

Polos are nice and all, but the jacket will take your family photos to the next level. (It’s that whole layering thing!)

Tip 2: Pay attention to dad’s shoes. Nice loafers or dress shoes will complete his dressed-up look. (Sorry, dads, no flip-flops)

(Ok, so I couldn't resist it. I actually HAD to insert ZZ Top!!)

Step 4: The kiddos:

I don't think you need a lot of tips for dressing the kids. I mean, kids clothes are so stinking cute these days that finding an outfit for pictures is pretty fail proof. The only thing I can say is to stay within your color palette, and keep the tips for your and Dad's outfits in mind.

And there you have it, my friend! If you use these super simple tips along with your AMAZING eye for style, your whole family will have outfits the camera will LOVE!

XOXO ~ Christy

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